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      in Tampa metro area

      ToxicKris writes : I would love to see Paramore in Tampa. They are so awesome. :X

      in Los Angeles metro area

      asdfjklDAINA writes : Paramore is an amazingly nice band and I wish they'd come to LA soon!

      Dane Cook
      in Tallahassee, Florida, USA

      nolecutie06 writes : COME ON EVERYBODY!!! WHO DOESN'T WANNA SEE DANE COOK LIVE?! I can't drive by Burger King or hear a car alarm withou...

      Barack Obama
      in Los Angeles metro area

      GACitron writes : Bring Mr. Obama to one of the most liberal cities in the country so we may get a jump start on his political campaign.

      in Toronto, ON

      malice9203 writes : KISS is one of the biggest bands in the world. It's been seven years since they played in Canada. Toronto would be ...

      in Edmonton, AB

      tika402 writes : I have never had the chance to see all of the original guys together, although I have been privileged enough to atten...

      the Twilight cast
      in Taipei, Taiwan

      Sunnygirl6 writes : I love twilihgt. Taiwan is a beautiful place.

      in Dallas / Fort Worth metro area

      Luca writes : Yall Kick ass here asap!

      Lil Wayne
      in New York metro area

      babyangel8311 writes : I've listen 2 his musik ever since he first came out...didnt really think he would make a change 2 da musik industry....

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